5 Traits of the Successful Amateur Athlete

Developing positive habits and routines will not only speed up your physical gains but it will also help you out in other areas of your life.

#1: They Show Up Early 
Show up early and be ready for your training session before it’s time to start. A Warm Up is the most important part of your workout. Why, because it not only prepares your body to work hard but it also helps focus your mind and gives you time to forget all the other stuff happening in your life. It’s easy to be casual with your training, and your warm up, but every workout is an opportunity to create a better you so don’t show up late.

#2: They Are Mindful 
In your workout focus on the task at hand and do the best you can and with the best form/technique you can. This means removing the emotional portion of training. The brain is lazy and it tells you to give up WAY before the body actually needs to. Be mindful of this! It’s dumb to train with poor form and dumb to train with pain. Treat every repetition you do as the most important you’ve ever done and you can’t help but improve and get the results you want.

#3: They Are Prepared 
Understand what your training goals are and keep reminding yourself of them. It is important to know what you want to achieve long term and then work hard to get there.

#4: They Are Enthusiastic
It’s important to be serious and committed to your training but it’s also important to have fun and for your training to be rewarding. Show some enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing and you’ll enjoy it much more.

If you train correctly, eventually you’ll be able to do every move you want. Not every workout will be awesome, but be the best today and then enjoy the benefits tomorrow.

#5: They Do Stuff ‘Bit by Bit’ 
Be present today, so that today is your priority. Time is the most precious commodity that you have. Mastery is the accumulation of small acts of excellence over time. If your attitude is good and you have the requisite discipline, you will find that you will reach your goals faster than you think. Keep the focus on your long-term goals and do the work ‘bit by bit’. Don’t compromise yourself by trying to progress before your ready as this invariably leads to injuries.

Injuries can be the biggest impediment to your training. Injuries mean lost time as you not only lose the time that you’re injured but rehabilitation takes time and is a frustrating bummer. Do stuff slowly or progress ‘Bit by Bit’ for the best results and enjoy your training journey.