3 Principles that can make a massive difference to you fit life


 1. Eat real food and get the right amount for YOUR goals
If you want to lose fat and/or get leaner then this principle is one you have to perfect. Controlling the type and quantity of food that goes into your mouth daily will have the greatest effect on your health and the way your look.

The simplest way to work this out is to get help from a professional nutritional practitioner. Luckily we have one of those at My Wellbeing.

2. Get enough Protein for Your Specific Goals
The foods that you choose for your protein intake are also very important. Such sources as grass fed and preferably organic Beef and Lamb, organic free range chicken and Wild, and sustainably caught, fishes. Real food contains many more nutrients than anything you will get from a tub or packets so don’t believe the hype.

Without the right amount of protein in your diet you will not recover adequately from your workouts. If you are also trying to lose fat then not getting enough protein can leave you hungry and catabolize existing muscle tissue.

3. Strength Train a minimum of 3 Days per week.
Being strong is a much-underestimated quality and something that we tend to ignore, especially as we age. Strength should be about being able to lift and use your own body to squat, push up, pull up, bend and twist freely and easily. It is also the ability to perform all the day-to-day tasks with ease and without aches and pain.

Staying strong keeps us young and vital and reduces the incidence of age-related cognitive decline. Strong people are more active and more involved with life.

Training a minimum of 3 times per week is a good start but training 4 or 5 times per week is better. Shorter sessions that challenge but allow you to recover between bouts are the easiest to sustain long term.