9 signs that your nutrition plan is working for you

When adjusting your nutrition it is common to just gauge your progress by changes on the scales. Body weight change isn’t necessarily a great indicator that you are on the right track. Sometimes there is very little change seen and it’s also not indicative of your true body composition.

Here are 9 indicators that we think may be a better way to know if your nutrition plan is working for you

1. You are aware of the sensation of hunger but feel satisfied after meals
It is common to eat out of boredom, habit, time restrictions or peer pressure. With healthy dietary practice you will register the feeling of hunger and accept that a mild form of this sensation is ok when it’s leading up to a main meal. This ensures that your digestion is ready to cope with the demand of the next meal and can process it effectively. Eating too much too often places a lot of stress on your digestive system.

A good nutrition plan is made up of wholefoods that are complete with fibre, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats, just as nature intended. Eating the right balance and amount of these each meal will ensure long lasting satiety and provide your body with optimal nutrition.

2. You have more energy
A good nutrition plan will help to stabilise your blood sugar levels throughout the day and night. Glucose will be gradually entering your bloodstream and insulin will not have to work overtime to take the energy into your cells. Its supply will easily keep up with demand.
The nutrients in fresh, wholefood, will ensure that they are in plentiful supply for your body and brain to work properly. Nutrients involved in energy production include the B vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc. You will most likely also be better hydrated this means everything at a cellular level will improve and you will be clearing waste products more effectively.

3. You’re sleeping better
With the right nutrition you will be getting all the amino acids, essential fatty acids and nutrients to produce good sleep hormones and this will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
Your blood sugars will remain relatively stable throughout the night, preventing night-time waking or restlessness. You will also be less likely to be deficient in magnesium and potassium keeping your muscles relaxed. You will also be less likely to wake up in the Chinese body clock liver time of 1-3am as your detoxification pathways will be more efficient and you will be consuming less foods/drinks that are toxic to you.

4. Your clothes feel just a little different
A common sign that you are eating foods that you are even mildly intolerant to is the retention of extra-cellular fluid. Eliminating these foods will reduce stress on many body systems and will result in reduced fluid retention. This will also be seen on the scales in the first week or two.

Muscle and bone are denser than body fat. When you build lean mass your body weight may stay the same or increase but your body measurements will reduce. This is why we track our clients’ body transformation results with a tape measure, body composition analysis and with the scales.

5. Your hair skin and nails are improving
These external tissues are often a good indicator of your nutrient status. In particular minerals, fat soluble vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. These nutrients are crucial components of healthy body tissue formation. With the rapid turnover and growth of hair, nail and skin cells you have an up to date picture of your nutrient status every time you look in the mirror.

The skin is an eliminatory organ and as such skin conditions are often a sign that your eliminatory system or detoxification process is diminished. A good nutrition plan helps with elimination and detoxification by minimising the intake of foods and substances and that are harmful to these pathways. The positive result is clearer and healthier skin.

6. Your digestion has improved
You are probably less bloated, producing less wind, and have more regular and better stools.

The right nutrition plan eliminates any foods that upset your system and addresses any issues you may have with your digestive system. These can be things such as a lack of hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes or good probiotic bacteria.
You will be digesting your food more efficiently and extracting and absorbing it’s vital nutrients. You will also be eliminating wastes effectively. The right nutrition plan will include sources good bacteria for your colon and fermentable fibres that provide fuel for these bacteria to thrive.

7. You’re in a better mood
This is likely to be a result of having all the necessary nutritional building blocks for the production of your feel good neurotransmitters. It will also be due to having stabilised your blood sugar levels and hence providing your brain with a constant and steady supply of energy. You will also feel more in control of your health and confident with how you are progressing. This all feeds you with positivity and inspiration to keep going.

8. You’re stronger and have more to give in your training sessions
You are recovering better from training with the right nutrition plan to replenish glycogen stores and supply the building blocks for lean muscle. You have a better understanding of what to eat and when to eat for your individual needs and around your schedule.

9. It is a lifestyle choice rather than a diet
Yes, you still enjoy a piece of birthday cake or a dinner out at your favourite restaurant every now and then. You enjoy these treats but don’t feel like they need to be part of your every day life. You appreciate the feeling of being well and healthy and feel in control of managing this through your nutrition and exercise daily. You know that you are better now as a result and are taking the right steps towards a healthy future.