3 Things That Will Help You Progress In The Gym

Consistency is the key to all things Health and Fitness.

Getting to the gym or training facility is half the battle because once you get there it’s easy. Un-ironically you can’t get better if you don’t show up, so work hard to show up. If you find it hard to get there you need to better understand why you struggle to show up?

 Is it lack of motivation or something else and how do you fix the problem or find a way to become more motivated? Finding out your key motivation for exercising is an important thing. It will make you more accountable and you’ll also enjoy what you do a whole lot more.


The total amount of work you do, really matters!

Making it to training consistently will obviously help you progress but to get fitter and stronger and improve you need to extend yourself. Within our sessions if you feel that the intensity is too low or you want to work harder then you should ask for a progression or an increase in the degree of difficulty in the current exercise or any of the exercises we do. You can make variations to almost any exercise to make it more challenging or accessible.

Some days you will feel like you can work harder so on those day the best thing you can do for yourself is work harder. It’s easy to hide in a group training session but why would you want to? Over time those little extra efforts will lead to strength and fitness gains and so progress.



If you train consistently, and want to make progress, then you need to pay attention to your recovery.

Strength training is demanding on your muscles and your nervous system so if you want to train often and progress then you need to make recovery a priority.

3 Key elements to recovery are:

·      NUTRITION – of major importance and is preferably balanced and whole food
·      SLEEP – needs to be restful and refreshing, without sleep we are nothing!
·      MOVEMENT – you cannot underestimate how much movement helps your recovery. Walking is fantastic and you need at least 30 min each day.

If your recovery is not good then the tell tale signs can be an elevated heart rate, poor and restless sleep patterns, reduced or halted training progress, and in the extreme, it may lead to injury.