Simon and Amanda are partners in life and business. Together they have 2 happy, healthy children and share a life working, living and sharing their passion for all things health and fitness.

personal training highett

I am fortunate enough to have created a career imparting my life passion for strength and fitness training on everyday people. Equipped with the tools as a strength and conditioning coach and as a kettlebell coach and master, backed up by a lifetime of experience and knowledge, I succeed in helping others achieve their life, health and fitness goals

I communicate with clarity and integrity and have a no-nonsense approach to training and lifestyle. 

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nutritionist highett

I aim to inspire, educate and guide others towards optimal health and fitness. My approach to Wellbeing is simple, yet specific, and designed to help people transition into feeling, performing and looking their best. I acknowledge that we are all unique and therefore our fitness and nutrition plans should all be too. Leading by example and backed by knowledge and experience, I show others how simple, attainable diet and lifestyle changes can lead to remarkable life long rewards.

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