We are all about making fitness and strength training rewarding, fun and attainable. Whether you are an elite athlete, just wishing to start moving or looking for a total body transformation, with our knowledge and expertise we help you set goals and achieve them in our safe, effective small group environment. We can modify exercises, scale weight loads and demonstrate alternatives that vary in intensity and difficulty to ensure everyone a challenging, effective session.



maximum of 6 participants per session

This is a High Intensity Interval class that focuses on conditioning. You will use all types of implements, and your own body, to make yourself Huff & Puff! 

Designed to build lean muscle. You will use a Sled, Barbells, Tyres,  Kettlebells, & other heavy things to perform Squats, Deadlifts, Presses & other strongman moves.

Simple, but not so easy this Body weight only class will help to develop all over conditioning. You will do things like Push Ups, Rows, Squats, Handstands, Bridging, and Chins.

Learn how to use Kettlebells with our very own kettlebell expert. Progress from the Swing, to a Clean, to a Press and Push Press and to the ultimate ballistic challenge of Jerks & Snatches.

These are our 9:30am sessions. where mums are welcome to bring their babies/

Children to watch them train. Designed for those of all levels of strength and fitness.


Our one on one sessions are designed specifically for you and according to your individual goals. As your knowledge, fitness and strength advance, so too will your personal training sessions.


By meeting one on one a few times each week we are able to assist you in fast tracking your results. We can ensure that you are getting the most out of your exercise programming, technique and intensity, as well as providing nutrition education and accountability.


We also have combined small group and PT memberships available.